Shendrones Fult Tilt Boogie

Check out this little article about my latest build, a Shendrones Full Tilt Boogie (Long Version)!

First of all, I have to admit I am a huge fan of the Mixuko frame from Shendrones.
Currently having 2 of them as my main racers, equipped with so called “Pods”, these things are aerodynamic rockets!

The FPV world is changing or let’s say evolving so fast, it’s unbelievable. New tech and new hypes pop up almost every day. With ESC’s getting not only more powerful but smaller, Andy Shen released a frame called “Fult Tilt Boogie”. It features the same mounting holes like the Mixuko series but comes with smaller arms and a little cut at the very end of the arm to mount your ESCs to the bottom if you desire.
This makes the frame weigh less AND probably more important to this already lightweight frame: faster!
Wait, what, faster? How can thinner arms make a quad go faster?

Check this post from Shendrones to understand the magic behind smaller arms 😉

Comparison of Mixuko versus Full Tilt Boogie (referred as FTB from now on)

In the above picture you can see a special version of the FTB available at Shendrones, the “Long Version”.
You remember me saying new hype everyday? That’s what I mean 😉
There is a bunch of guys out there that found out about the special handling of these stretched X frames which is a much better control of the quad on the Pitch axis, therefore an excellent player at FPV racing.

::: Parts List :::

Shendrones Full Tilt Boogie >>
Cobra CP2205 2300kv Gold Edition >>
TBS 25A BLHeli_S BulletProof ESC >>
TBS Unify HV 5.8G VTx >>
TBS Triumph antenna >>
Runcam Swift >>
FrSky X4R-SB >>
FuriousFPV Kombini >>

close-up of the wiring of ESCs to Kombini FC

Fully built in all its beauty 😀


Just Mobile AluBase
FuriousFPV Kombini
mStand Laptop Stand
Preview Chris Panas Desk
Tetra Drones UK
Team Blacksheep BulletProof ESC