MAD 2306 2400kV

So many new motors out and it is not like you only have to go for the well-known brands nowadays! 🙂

MAD Components made a great debut in the FPV scene with their 2306 2400kV motors following the “naked bottom” trend and a wider stator for more efficiency.
I was quite surprised by the cool packaging of the motors, other brands should really step up their game here 🙂
Makes you feel better when spending all this money on FPV stuff 😀

Photo 15.11.17, 17 43 01Photo 15.11.17, 17 43 25

Some technical details about the motors:
– 13.0mm shaft
– 5.5mm thread screw
– 7.5mm thread screw
– comes with a 4.5mm flange nut

Photo 15.11.17, 17 51 35Photo 15.11.17, 17 50 55

You can purchase them at shop.

A more detailed and technical bench test @ MQTB

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