A couple of days ago I was able to finish my KOMBINI build, or let’s say “switch” 🙂 As some of you already know, the “KOMBINI” is a F3 FC and PDB solution by FuriousFPV. Make sure to checkout their website, they do not only have this clever piece of Quadcopter hardware but a lot more.

For me it wasn’t a complete new build, but I was able to throw out my PDB and FC combination I had used before on my frames. Due to an (I guess) Inductor on the bottom side and other electrical parts you cannot mount it directly to your frame with for example just 4 nylon washers. Instead you will have to use some nylon standoffs but I still managed to keep my stack at a height of just 11mm AND could have a super clean wiring!
Did I mention that the KOMBINI only weighs 6g? Hell yeah, only 6g! 🙂

KOMBINI with soldered cablesKOMBINI weight

You have 3 solder pads for each ESC connection, Plus/V+ Signal and Ground, your ESC signal ground cable will share the ESC ground, as shown in the picture. In the front is a Connector with normally 5 cables which I stripped to only Plus and Ground for my VTx. In this Pre-production version it gives you the VCC so I went to use a Team Blacksheep Unify Pro HV (high voltage) VTx with a built-in Filter for clear video.

Support of FuriousFPV told me, that their retail version will have a 12V BEC on the front side. On the right side of my picture you see how I soldered SBUS (X4R-SB from BG) to the KOMBINI, Ground in the first row, Plus in the second row and SBUS pin in the 4th row on the outer side. The KOMBINI comes shipped with Betaflight installed, but you can flash newer versions available from here: https://github.com/NightHawk32/cleanflight/releases

See this image for more details on the connections of UARTS etc. on the side:

KOMBINI connections

KOMBINI retail version

left: pre-production right: improved retail version with LC-filtered 5V (2A) and 12V BEC.
The board has a 150A Current protection and sending mAh usage to your FrSky Taranis is also possible!
KOMBINI Smartport

Technical details of the Kombini FC

  • F3 Processor – MPU6000 SPI Bus (supports 8K/8K and low gyro noise)
  • Built-in PDB
  • Supports up to 5S LiPo
  • PDB uses 4oz inner copper, supports up to 150A of current
  • Built-in 5V 2A BEC
  • Supports Transponder
  • Supports SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum 1024/2048, XBus, and PPM with a built in Spektrum satellite port
  • Built-in LC filter
  • Push button for bootloader

The release date for the KOMBINI will be at the end of this month!

See one of my first flights with the KOMBINI installed:

Another example on how clean your setup will be (C) YiMing Tan
KOMBINI clean build


At an expected retail price of around 49$ you get a modern F3 FlightController with a low noise and trusted MPU6000 gyro (competitor prices about 30$) combined with a clean PDB solution and LC filter (about 10$-15$). The installation of the KOMBINI into your quad is not only fast and straight-forward but lightweight as well. AND: it flies great too!
I am pretty sure FuriousFPV will revolutionize the FPV scene with this product… can’t wait for its retail release and all the other stuff they have coming out in the future!

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