FrSky M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal

The wait is over! Horus-like controls on Taranis

The FrSky M9 is a Hall Sensor Gimbal replacement for the stock Gimbals used in the beloved Taranis.
The difference here is that the M9 gimbals make use of a Hall effect Sensor instead of Potentiometers like stock X9D Gimbals.

Advantages of the M9 Gimbals over the stock ones would be the feel, centering accuracy and longevity.
Hall effect sensors do not have any parts touching the rotating surface so there is no wear on the sensor.

Available to buy at you can find the M9 gimbals HERE or at
A single gimbal retails at 20.50$, shipping costs from 0$ up to 10$ for express delivery.

UPDATE 12.01.2017: currently sold out – you can still pre-order the next batch HERE for 0.01$

The gimbals here are universal, meaning one product for both sides.
You just remove the centering spring from the one you want to use for throttle.

According to HorusRC staff this gimbal is only working with the X9D “plus” version of the Taranis.
The difference to X9D is added background light and vibration, therefore we don’t see a reason it shouldn’t work with a non “plus” Taranis. We will keep you updated on this.
UPDATE: HorusRC just replied me and stated that it also works with the earlier X9D version

Check this YouTube vid on how to install them into your Taranis:

M9 Gimbal product photos by


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