Custom FPV Stuff

After a lot of requests where I got my different connectors and cables for my colored XT60 post on Instagram,
I made this article to share all the different sources I ordered from 🙂
(some Links are Affiliate Links)

Sizes used: 12/14AWG for XT60 (prefer lighter AWG14) / 26AWG signal/ground cables / ESC cables 18AWG

Silicone Cable – yellow

Silicone Cable – green

Silicone Cable – blue

colored Cable ties

red and black heat shrink

red and black Silicone wire

white 14AWG cable

white 26AWG cable

orange & green XT60 connector

black XT60 connector

red / blue / yellow XT60 connector

lots of cables at Hobbyking!

yellow / green / blue / grey / black / purple heatshrink Set

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