Cobra CP2205 review

After starting with FPV and quad’s I quickly became a fan of the infamous Cobra CM2204 2300kv motors… they were a bit more Amp hungry than competitor motors back then but that’s why they gave you the most available power and thrust you could buy on the market. Now the 2008 founded Cobra company is back with a new installment of their FPV racing motors, the Cobra Champion CM2205 series!

Let’s get into the details…

First of all before it gets technical, I love the new design 🙂 The CP2205 series has something of a cool tuning rim for cars like in the “2 Fast 2 Furious” movies to it, cool black on the bell, shiny chrome on the bottom.

Cobra CP2205 2300kv motors

What’s in the package?

The motors ship in a white box, together with prop nuts, four M3x6mm motor mount screws, four flat M3 washers and a set of transparent stickers. And if you won any championship recently while flying with a set of Cobra motors they will feature your photo on their packages! How cool is that? 😀

Cobra package

The motors come with 50mm long pre-tinned wires. I forgot to put them on a scale, but with shortened cables you should be at approx. 30g/motor.

Cobra CP2205 wire length

OK, but what about some numbers?

As I don’t have any thrust test stands I’m going to rely on the famous MiniQuadTestBench website and its results. In comparison with a well-known competitor motor and a common prop (HQ5x4x3) the Cobra easily outperforms it thrustwise (1243g Cobra vs. 1053g 2206 competitor) and that despite being a 2205-stator sized motor which is impressive. The volts are quite on the same level, whereas the Cobra is a bit more Amp-hungry, but remember the saying “You can’t make something out of nothing” and a sports car just needs a bit more gasoline, right? 😉

Cobra itself suggests a 30A ESC. If you go for the manufacturers own BLHeli_S ESCs called Cobra CP30A, you will even get it with recommmended BLHeli_S settings printed on the packaging, nice to know what settings will actually work well with a ESC/motor combo in advance.

MiniQuadTestBench results

For more detailed prop data click here => Cobra CP-2205-2300 Propeller Data Chart

Cobra Motor Specifications

Okay, okay, but what about some actual flying?

Yes, I know, nothing speaks more for itself than actual flying 🙂
Check out my latest YouTube video, me flying indoors with a fresh Cobra CP2205 2300kv + HQprop 5x4x3 setup:

What’s the price tag on these bad boys?

As far as I know the price range is about 19 $ – 21 $ + shipping in general. If you are reading this review BEFORE the 24. December 2016 though, you can get a pretty good deal on a currently happening promotion sale in the official Cobra store on AliExpress, a set of CP2205 motors (2300kv / 2500kv option) for 65$ with shipping already included.

Official CobraMotors Factory Store =>

Cobra Motors Facebook Group => 

Promotion Flyer
Cobra promotion

The bottom line…

To sum up, I can say that Cobra did a great job on their in my opinion successor to the classic CM2204 motors. The CP2205 is powerful but still efficient with a durable design and looks extremely cool on top of that. Me personally can’t wait to get all of my quads equipped with these motors for the upcoming summer and have tons of fun 🙂


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