Fabryka Pikseli

Have a look at this inspiring work setup at Fabryka Pikseli by Miłosz Bolechowski.
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On the right side you can find a Western Digital My Book Studio LX, a Western Digital My Book Studio 2 and a LaCie Little Big Disk for data storage next to a Mac mini which is connected to a 20″ and 23″ Apple Cinema Display.
(Monitor sizes fixed, thanks to Christian G.-B.!)

inspiring Desk setup

In front of the monitors you see a Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Wacom Intuos Pro.
We love the clean look and nice furniture used in this setup, this became instantly one of our favorites!

Setup of iWayne2dotO

Check out this nice and simple setup of flickr user iWayne2dotO from Chongqing, China!

Nice and simple Desk setup

His MacBook Pro is sitting on the so called “Elevator” Laptop Stand manufactured by
Griffin Technology. The red “thingy” on the side is a Jawbone JAMBOX, a wireless Bluetooth speaker.
You can get it in two different sizes and lots of different designs/colors. The iPhone stand is the Milo by BlueLounge which we have already featured in our Products section.

Desk of Chad Tillekeratne

Desk of Systems Engineer Chad Tillekeratne guarded by his Shiba-Inu Kobe!

Desk setup of Chad Tillekeratne

The Herman Miller Embody is the Porsche 911 of desk chairs. It is pricey,
but when regarding it as an every day tool like your Computer, things get another dimension.
His feet can rest on a Kensington Solemate Footrest for added comfort.
He’s working with a Lenovo Thinkpad X220T next to a MacBook Air 13″ hooked up to a
30″ Dell Ultrasharp U3011 monitor.

The Headphones in front of the keyboard are Bowers & Wilkins, model P5.
A Humanscale DIFFRIENT Work light is there to provide an adequate lighting.

The desk is a combination of the IKEA Vika Moliden underframe with the white laminate Vika tabletop and a Signum underneath for cable management.

Bottom line: we love your desk setup and dog, Chad!

Desk of j4nro

Setup of Flickr user j4nro:



Nice example on how the Rain Design mStand can raise your Laptop to a more ergonomic height. Speakers are the Audioengine A2+, the little brother of the flagship speakers of Audioengine called A5+. They are sitting on Audioengine DS1‘s (a pair of acoustic dampening isolation stands), which are recommended to use by Audioengine in combination with their speakers of course, but not absolutely necessary in our opinion. The iPad is placed on the stylish LUXA2 H4 Aluminium stand which has great reviews so far and comes with a relatively low price tag.