Asgard F4 AIO

New stuff just in! 🙂 This time my first AIO called the ASGARD F4 AIO
Was lucky to get one of only a few of the first stock at
(link to product page:

So what’s in the box?

With the Asgard F4 AIO you get a F4 FlightController (STM32F405 MCU)
with four pieces of BLHeli_S ESC, an integrated OSD, SD Card slot for blackbox logging,
a Current sensor and a 5V/3V BEC at 14.1g weight, 2-4S Lipo compatible.

The PCB features the standard 30.5 x 30.5mm mounting holes:


The on board ESCs support DSHot (J_H_15 firmware) and are rated for 25A continuous
and about 30A burst. The ESC has been tested under 3-4S 2308 2300kV Motor and 5045×3 props,
actual current though depends on air flow and there is a big L shaped solder pad which will improve
on high current perfomance if you add solder (pictured red in the tech pic below).


The USB port and SD card slot on the other side. The default installation would be like pictured,
XT60 facing to the right side. The ESC parts add to the whole size of the PDB and probably making
it harder to install in some of the Pod frames available. Installation in “classic” shaped frames is of
course no problem. I’m planning to put this AIO into the not yet released LM2 frame by LMultirotors.

Technical layout details
F4 side
F4 chip side

USB / SD side

And as always, flight footage coming soon!
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Next available stock of Asgard F4 AIO will be on 22.04.2017 @ 

Thanks for reading and happy flying! 🙂

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