AeroX Vertical frame

A few weeks ago I got my hands on an AeroX frame, which is a vertical arms design.
I had no idea how it would fly, but after a few flights now I can say that I love this little rocket! 😀

First of all, the quad looks heavy but when thinking about it, it is quite the same “amount” of carbon used like in the more traditional designs, the AeroX is weighing in at 90g. The company behind the AeroX, Tetra Drones also offers the Pod/Canopy and all other 3D parts as free downloads which I really appreciate. That way you can easily print your own replacement parts and also give your Quad a personal note 😉

You can not only choose a 5″ or 6″ version of the frame but also an alternative frame material instead of the trusted carbon, called “Phenolic edition” which is not only cheaper but also 8% lighter compared to carbon, on the downside though it is not 100% as strong as carbon but can still take a beating according to their website.

For my build I went with a 5″ version in 15mm build heigth (there is also a “roomier” 20mm” version) and the “Haywire Graphics kit” made in cooperation with the well-known STIKIT skins. PLEASE NOTE: the Graphics kit is only available for this setup as of now, but they are working on skins for all the other frame options (6″, 20mm, etc.)

AeroX vertical frame

The 15mm build was not easy but still manageable with an AIO FC, I went with the
Sunrise F4 FC AIO BLHeli_32 30A. It was really fun to setup this frame and all parts, as it was a nice change from the usual frames we all build 🙂 Everything fit well and easy to understand how all parts connect. The frame comes with two braces which are missing in the upper shot, they are intended to give even more stability.

The full setup consists of RotorRiot Hypetrain 2306 2450kV motors,
HQ5x48x3 V1S, Sunrise F4 AIO BLHeli_32 30A, FrSky XM+, Foxeer Arrow V3 and a TBS Unify Pro HV.
Next step is to swap the XM+ with a TBS Crossfire to get some proper range with it 🙂

A few build pics:

File 02.01.18, 09 14 34
Unify pigtail routed through the top plate, UFL connector secured by additional heatshrink

File 02.01.18, 09 14 06
FrSky XM+ on top of the Unify, cables routed through the top as well

File 02.01.18, 09 13 25
Top view without the canopy attached

AeroX in the wild! 😀



Here’s a short freestyle clip made with AeroX on a rather windy day 🙂
I have always preached a H/wide style frame with lipo on top as the only real way to fly freestyle but this quad makes myself question that 😀 It feels damn well in the air despite it being a bottom-mount lipo Stretch X, which is a setup I actually prefer when racing 😀

EU distribution of AeroX

free 3D parts link for the AeroX frame


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